Inquiring Minds

Yesterday at breakfast we had one of those great conversations that make you think how awesome it is to have kids, how amazing and active their little minds are, etc.

Mommy, how do the babies come out anyway? Is it from your bottom?
How do they fit?
What about the very first people, though, how were they born? From Heavenly Mother?
But then how was she born?
How come some babies come out at the right time and some come out too early so they are too tiny and they die?
Do the babies that die get to grow up later, when they get to heaven?
What if when I'm a Daddy, my wife can't have any babies? Won't we be sad?
Can we have babies in heaven?

I just LOVE having conversations like these; for some reason I don't find them embarrassing or uncomfortable (that will wait till I have teenagers, I suppose), they're just FUN.

Then there was our conversation at lunch.

Mommy, is it afternoon or daytime?
Why is it afternoon? Why isn't it evening?
No, it IS evening!
I don't WANT it to be afternoon!
I'M NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO YOU ANYMORE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa oh, yook, Daddy's computer colors went on! It's called his 'green saver.'
It is NOT, Sebby, it's called a 'screen shaver.'
You can SAY that, Sebby, but you're NOT RIGHT.



  1. I like how, because Seb's eyes are so wide-set (like mine) that sometimes when he gets his pictures taken, he looks a little cross-eyed. (do I look like that often?)

  2. Ginna's mom here. Green Saver. I like that. I think I'm going to call it that forever more. It's funny how kids don't see the world all smoothed out and without edges, the way we tend to make it for ourselves as we grow older and have to pick our own mental and philosophical battles. They see the inconsistencies because part of their learning strategy is to look for patterns, the "rules" by which things are governed (like always adding an "s" at the end of a word to make it plural - ), only to run into problems when they try to apply those rules consistently as things come up (oxens, sheeps).

    The good thing about this is that we have to revisit questions of our own, things we long ago threw into drawers in favor of more functional an immediate problems.

    Interesting, isn't it, the way the Lord keeps us learning?

  3. Ahhh, Seb and Soph are cut from the same cloth. I need to read "Setting Limit with Your Strong-Willed Child"


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