We made our house into a Fancy Restaurant last week.

As you can see, it was very fancy. (And, the prices were like this: "26." "30." See also here)

Hors d'oeuvres (note plastic "Puffs" bottle---DOES NOT BELONG)
Truffles---hand-dipped, of course
"Okay," I said to the boys. "Go put on your fanciest clothes."
And here is the dramatic result. I especially like Abe's vaguely French-looking knotted scarf (made of his pajama pants).


  1. While I'm looking at pictures of your sophisticated boys mine are upstairs wrestling and teasing each other "scaredy-cat! scaredy-cat." Yet another point of evidence for our trailer trash to your high falootin-ness.
    They're going to grow up to be European architects or ambassadors or doormen at fancy high rises.

  2. How long can I prolong bedtime before I have to go up and be a "responsible" parent? Another 40 min.? good.

  3. Beth: Sometimes when we want to be especially irresponsible, we come up with excuses to put them to bed early. Like making up some misbehavior they've never heard of, "You spilled a drip of water getting a drink? Go straight to bed, no stories tonight!"

    We're not that bad, but almost. This is one of the many reasons I feel guilty during conference.

  4. Thank heavens you're blogging again. This looks super fancy.


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