Right in the breadbasket

My darling Sam has remedied the computer problem. Excellent work, dear!

First of all, then, I've been dying to post these pictures of the lovely bread Beth made (and taught ME how to make) here the other day.

Just LOOK at it!! I've never had "artisan"-style bread turn out so beautifully (or so delicious). The best thing is that it's a no-knead bread, super-easy to make. Maybe someone more experienced at making it will post the recipe? Beth got it from her mother-in-law, who like Beth is a great cook AND a nice person, so I suppose there's a lot of it going around these days. Not 'round here, ['not round 'ere?' Why, it's the single most popular cheese in the _world_! Not round 'ere, sir. I see. Well, what IS the most popular cheese 'round 'ere'? 'ilchester, sir. Staggeringly popular in these parts] however---so I plan to do a lot of experimenting, perfecting, and then delivering of the loaves to my neighbors in the following weeks. Yum!

UPDATE: Here's a link to the recipe, from Beth.


  1. It really was the prettiest bread I have ever seen. And to eat it piping hot out of your oven was a very satisfying experience. AMAZING!
    It was such a fun afternoon (I know I already told you this) and so relaxing. Thanks again for letting us come up. You're a great friend.
    It is a seeming singular experience for me to feel relaxed after a social interaction. I'm usually exhausted from having to keep things light or entertaining or whatever. Thanks.
    I miss running with you.

  2. Ummmm Hello? When will the recipe be posted??? Those are gorgeous!


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