Roasting and/or toasting

The other day my friend Rachael was telling me that her family doesn't eat much meat anymore, and I (not to be outdone) was saying that WE hardly ever eat meat anymore either, (which is true, and has been true for years---I cook with meat/chicken maybe twice a month, or less---maybe because I'm just not that good at cooking meat)
we do love hot dogs cooked over a campfire. I'm sorry if that offends any of you "eww, do you know what's IN those things" hot dog haters (although perhaps, among my readers, there are none of those), but really, they are just SO GOOD. ("Ball Park" brand. Bun-size. Those are our dogs of choice.)

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thank you.

And now, I would like to say, reason #5 billion that Sam is the best husband ever:

He toasts (or roasts? which is it?) perfect marshmallows. Perfect, I tell you. He is patient enough to get them right---every time---and what's more, he loves toasting marshmallows, doing all the work and then happily giving some of them away to me. So all I have to do is sit there with graham crackers and chocolate pieces at the ready (IKEA chocolate is what we have been using lately, and it's SO good) and then just EAT them, perfectly browned, crisp and soft and melty.
It's getting chillier outside but I believe we have a few more campfires in us before winter. Let us know if you'd like to join us sometime (Sam will probably even toast your marshmallows for you if you wish).


  1. I hate hot dogs for the taste. I mean, it IS disgusting what is in them, but if they tasted GOOD, then I could stomache them. I mean, you don't see me turning down donuts because they're deep fried in old grease. I really TRY to eat them a couple times a year because Joel and the boys love them, but I've just decided if they are on the menu, I'll not eat.
    But I will take you up on the s'mores. Yum!

  2. oh if only we could join you. I'd LOVE to! And I love hot dogs to. It's unavoidable, they're just delicious. Unless you're Beth I guess. :) There's plenty of stuff out there other people like but I don't, but unfortunately for me it's mostly stuff that's good for me. Like tomatoes.

  3. Please, please, we'd love to join you!! Also, what do you eat if you're not cooking meat and how do you get your husband to not complain about the lack of meat? Rob, claiming to be a Texan in only this regard, considers chicken to be a vegetable and if I try to cook 2 vegetarian meals in a row he gets . . . antsy. Feel free to blog about a week's worth of menus. I'd certainly be interested! Oh, and we're fans of Hebrew National hot dogs at our house.


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