Manna from [office supply] heaven

Malachi assists with some secretarial work. (N.B.: unsightly smear on upper left corner of white board)

Sam and I have a little whiteboard calendar that has hung on our fridge since we first got married, which has served us well, except that about twice a month, it falls off and one of the corners breaks. ("This whiteboard must have more than the usual number of corners," your super-duper math-oriented brains are thinking. Yes. It does.) And usually at the same time, one of the magnets falls off. I was examining the back of it and saw that each magnet was glued, hot glued, and then taped on with a tape roll. To no avail, I might add. The poor little thing just won't stick anymore.

So, onward and upward: we bought some new whiteboards at IKEA quite some time ago, and I've been trying to figure out how to make one of them into a calendar. After much deliberation, I tried drawing on lines with permanent marker, assuming that since people are always telling you not to write on white boards with permanent marker, it must mean that it doesn't erase. Well---this is not quite true. After leaving it on several days hoping it would "sink in," I sprayed the thing with white board cleaner (since I will have to do that every month to erase the words on the calendar) and it smeared all around and just looked awful.

Further deliberation followed. I decided something like black electrical tape might work, if I could cut it into thin strips and get it to hang straight enough. Failing that, I was prepared to color masking tape with a black marker. (I felt this was quite a creative solution.) So, I headed out to Office Max to get some tape.

As I walked in the door, the lady asked me if I was looking for anything, and I said, "Yes, I need some black tape."

She said, "Oh, the thin kind, for white boards?"


"Well . . . yes!" I said (somewhat . . . hmm . . . can I use the word 'flummoxed'? If not, try 'taken aback') "IS there such a thing?"

"Aisle 5," she said.

So I got some. And what a day and age we are living in, I must say, when one can go to the office supply store and find the exact weird little thing one needs in less than 5 minutes and for less than $2.

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