The one

This is the one I like.

I like how he weighs the ice cream bowls to make sure they're even.
I like how he says "omp omp omp" when he bites someone.
I like it when he winks at me. *wink wink*
I like how whenever he eats toast, he raises it up in the air: "A toast!"
I like how our names spell "S.A.M.M.S." (Did he plan that?)
I like him in his new jeans. Weet-weew!
I like that weird bump on the back of his head.
I like it when I'm playing the organ at church and I look down at him and he's biting Malachi on the toes.
I like how he says "full": "Foooool."
I like how he makes sad, moaning noises when he's falling asleep and then tries to pretend he was just clearing his throat or something.
I like how he chases me up the stairs. (I scream.)
I like his hands.
I like how we make bets about things and come up with prizes and he always tries to figure out a way to make me win.
I like how he yells at the refs on TV. (I do it too.) Yes, they can hear us.
I like hating things with him. Like Jack from LOST, Harry Potter, Elijah Wood, and the Utes.
I like it when he starts out with, "Did you have anything planned for tonight? . . . "
I like it when he assumes (erroneously) I'll know what he's talking about. "Can you believe the side-specter rendering on that picture?! Looks like someone really messed up their aspect ratio, ha ha ha."
I like how he picks things up. With his toes.
I like him.
Lucky me.


  1. This was just really nice.

    And I loved the helpful diagrams.

  2. Oh. That was sweet. I don't know this Sam but I like him now. Not the way you do, of course.


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