What goes around, comes around [what does that mean, anyway?]

I don't know how to make this sound like anything profound (classify it under "things that people always say, that are so obvious they don't really need to be said")---But---I was just thinking the other day about how oddly time passes; specifically, how far away some things in the future seem, but how recent some things in the past seem. For example, I was looking at how much more food we eat as a family now than we did when it was just Sam and me, and you wouldn't really think 3 small boys would make such a big difference, but they do. And then I was thinking, in 10 years, we'll have 3 adolescent boys, and what will my grocery budget need to be then? But it doesn't seem real to me. I don't really think that day will ever come.

But yet I never thought I'd be sending Abe off to kindergarten either. It seems like he was just barely born. It's so strange how the stages pass without your even really noticing. Like the stage where kids are always taking their shoes off, no matter what you do. (Are my kids the only ones who do that?) For about 2 years, right after they learn to wear shoes, it seems like it's impossible to keep the shoes on for any length of time. I remember every time we got in the car with little Abe, his shoes would be off by the time we arrived at our destination, and I'd have to put them back on for him. I'd say as we drove off, "Leave your shoes on this time!" but it never did any good. After Abe grew out of it, Sebby was the same. But now, I don't know when it happened, but suddenly Seb seems to have lost his obsession with it too, and more often than not, his shoes stay on the whole time we're out and about.

What else? There was a time when I felt like I was always saying, "Remember to cover your mouth when you cough." But I never have to say that anymore, the boys just do it automatically. (Or maybe, they just haven't had coughs for a while? :) )

Some stages I'm happy (or will be happy) to see the end of:
  • The cutting up/serving/arranging everyone's food stage
  • The constantly putting shoes and socks on/buttoning shirts/pulling up underpants/etc stage
  • The screaming stage
  • The yelling "NO!" stage
  • The runny nose stage

Some stages I'll be sad to see the end of:

  • The cuddling stage (where they have to cuddle with you all the time because they can't really move yet)
  • The boys calling me "Mommy" stage
  • The Seb saying every time he goes up the stairs "Will you hold my hand please?" stage
  • The Seb wanting "a wittle talking time" when I come to tuck him in bed stage
  • The Donut Stage. Where they crawl around holding the plastic donuts all the time and never want to let go. All my boys have gone through this one.

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