A Good Day

Beth and I have often discussed how the web log is such an inherently self-centered medium, and as a result I'm always thinking to myself about various ideas, "Should I really write this? Everyone is going to think I am so self-absorbed." But the truth is, I AM kind of self-absorbed. I think it's one of those inborn things that we're on earth learning to overcome---hoping to someday be able to put others first instinctively, just as instinctively as we put ourselves first now. [Definitely, I haven't mastered that yet.] But although I'm not so great at being always kind and compassionate to other people, I am very interested in them; in fact I find other peoples' blogs much MORE interesting than my own, and I'm happy when anybody makes a new post, and I hardly ever think, "Why should I care about that?" because I, perhaps pathetically, do. Add that to the fact that the whole reason I started this blog was to give me a chance to write and reflect on things, both to preserve memories and to enhance them, and I can usually go ahead and justify posting just about anything. :)

With that in mind. Today was a good day, a want-to-remember day. Not because of anything earth-shattering, but just because it was Fall and there was football and sunshine and rain showers. The BYU game was awesome, another shut-out and lots of touchdowns to cheer for. (And a kiss for every score. Hooray! Last Saturday was even better, mmm boy.) Sam's cough is a little better and it didn't take us an hour to walk home and he could talk as we walked. The leaves are getting brighter on Y mountain and we got to see them in all different lights, vibrant under the grey skies, and radiant under the blue skies, and muted behind the clouds. Malachi looked tiny and cute in his BYU shirt, and he laughed when we tickled him, and Abe and Seb said "Thank you for the nice time" to Grandma without being prompted. We got to go to a free dinner in our neighborhood, and we thought it would be hot dogs or yucky six-foot subs or something, but it was strawberry-almond spinach salad and herbed roast beef with horseradish sauce, and white-truffle mashed potatoes topped with pulled pork, and wild mushroom risotto with breaded chicken and raspberry compote, and seafood cioppino with sourdough bread, and candles and flower arrangements and a jazz quintet. Then a short drive home in the rain, and hugging little Ky while he nursed, and stories (one was The Funny Thing, one of my favorites), and then cuddling with Sam on the couch and watching more football. I could be happy watching anything, actually, to prolong the cuddling.

Happy. That's what I am today.


  1. Ah, if only every day could be this nice. Congratulations on a day well spent.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. I SO wish we could go to BYU games, I miss them terribly.
    And you know what, yes this blogging thing is very self absorbed, but the beauty of it is that nobody has to read if they don't want to. By blogging you're not forcing anybody to read. Or at least that's how I look at it.

  3. well that is happy. very happy. and i'm Marilyn absorbed in addition to being self absorbed,

    Also, yes, the boys are now ready for their debut into society.


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