An Eggciting Morning

This is a story about an egg.

And a baby who loves that egg.

It's a maraca egg, so it swishes and hisses when you shake it. It's just the right size for baby hands. Malachi carries it around with him everywhere, and bites it, and shakes it, and waves it at you when he's excited.

The other day, Abe and Seb called me from downstairs, so I went down to see what they wanted, and I left Malachi up playing in the loft upstairs. Suddenly we heard, "wump! thump! swish! wump! swish! thump! swish! wump! swish! waaaaaaaa!"

Yes. It was Malachi falling down the stairs with his maraca. Luckily he landed on the landing instead of going all the way down, (did you realize that's why it's called a "landing"?) and he wasn't hurt. In fact, I am very sorry to report that the first thing the three of us did when we saw him, and the fallen maraca beside him, was laugh.

Is that bad? We hugged him and kissed him a lot after that. Really.


  1. Funniest baby-falling-down-stairs story, ever.

  2. I don't think it's bad. The other day Sophie told me she was "ungrateful that boy came to play and messed up my stuff" and I had to bite my lip really hard to keep from laughing out loud.


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