I make it a point never to do anything on Mondays, until dinnertime anyway, because I figure I should be applauded for having the fortitude to let Sam out the door to work (it's so hard to have him leave after we've been together all weekend) and the dishes, floors, etc. can wait.

Today it was sad because Malachi ran into the wall (or was pushed . . . I suspect it, but don't have "ocular proof," [Othello, thanks Mrs. Brown]) and got this huge bump on his head.  It looked so bad at first that I was really worried about it, but he seemed okay after a while; perhaps the 2-second intervals during which I was able to apply the bag of frozen peas before having him push them away and say "cold!" in a betrayed tone made the swelling go down. 

Anyway, it just reconfirmed my belief that Mondays should be spent in bed reading or cuddling.  So that's what we've been doing.


  1. Poor Ky. I am a huge believer in those flexible-even-when-cold Disney-themed ice packs you can find at Target and Babies-R-Us. Max has had about as many bumps on the head as I have.

  2. He is so cute! In that last picture, he was inspecting the very fingers he was going to/just had sucked, huh?

  3. I'm with you on that monday opinion. This morning I got up and went to the gym and I've been sorry ever since. I think monday should be a recovery day from sunday.
    And isn't it sad to send the husband away after a weekend together? I always hate it.
    Poor Ky. Charlotte was the 3rd child in our family and she survived all sorts of "accidental" injuries. Poor little thing. I wish I could go back and take better care of her this time!

  4. Mom called that a goose egg. Which leads me to believe that even big bumps are not that unusual or dangerous. They are actually (I think) hematoma, places where there's been enough damage to the area, the blood vessels are broken, and the blood and then plasma and stuff rushes into the damaged area under the skin, filling the stretching skin out into the bump. How did you know to use frozen peas? Perfect. It's supposed to be ten minutes on, ten minutes off, but a two second rotation probably works just as well. Wait - didn't I more or less get to know you under medical circumstances?

  5. K---ha, yes, "medical circumstances" is a nice way to say it. I'm sure profusely bleeding injuries are every chaperon's nightmare, but you bore it well, so thank you. :) And I'm glad I did the right thing with the peas.


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