I like this guy

The other day Seb was talking to me and I suddenly out of nowhere thought, "My goodness, that boy is handsome!"  That happens sometimes, but I guess I get caught up in being annoyed with the boys and wishing they would quit fighting with each other and breaking things, so those little flashes of amazement (whoa, THIS is MY SON?) still take me by surprise.

So I told him to keep talking (he was explaining to me how "the windmills turn, which genawates electricity"---his words---he is like those little boys who know the names of every dinosaur, but with machines) and took a million pictures.  Which led to quite a lot of pictures that look really like like him, if you know what I mean.  So don't be alarmed, but here they are.

And there's one more thing I should tell you about Sebby.  You know how when you're nursing your babies, the other kids are interested.  (My boys "nurse" their bears and monkeys all the time.)  So they know all about how the milk comes out of Mommy's nipples and Daisy drinks it and it makes her happy and so forth.  Except Sebby somehow got the idea they were called "nibbles."  Perfectly understandable, right?  But it leads him to say, in very business-like tones, things like, "Well Mommy, looks like Daisy isn't quite happy.  Give 'er the other nibble!"  And it just cracks me up every time.


  1. I have such a sweet spot for that boy!

  2. Lovely. Lovely work. The light is perfect. The color is perfect. What beautiful work. And the nibble at the end. You have lifted my heart and let me fall in love with a child all over again -


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