Dear Sir or Madam:

I protest the use of the adjective "guilt-free" to describe your "green" merchandise.  I reserve the right to make consumer choices based on my own rationale, not yours.  Non-"green" merchandise does NOT make me feel guilty, nor should it.  Please do not project your own eco-neuroses onto me.

As ever,


  1. Read this:

    It made me laugh out loud. For real.

  2. I'm a total hippy who once started a recycling company. Can we still be friends? (I don't care if you buy "green" or not. I think "green" is obnoxiously over-used.)

  3. Chels,
    "Hippy"-ness is not the point. I use cloth diapers, recycle, drive a hybrid car, use cloth shopping bags, and line-dry all my clothes. The point that no one gets to tell me which purchases I should or should not feel "guilty" about---based on some arbitrary standard unrelated to my consumer needs,family size, or other behaviors.

  4. Allison: Hilarious article! And insightful, too. Thanks for sending it!


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