But you're tired of words, I thought you said

Oh please. I'm so over that already. Ready to offer my opinions on anything and everything again!

Random thoughts, then:

Daisy already does this poke-your-fingers through the afghan (holes of the crocheted afghan, I mean, not trying to be racist or anything.  Oh dear, now I sound obscene.  I'll stop, but why is it called an afghan anyway?  Did they come from Afghanistan or something?) thing.  Do everyone's children do this or is it just mine?  I did it myself as a child.  I love the look of five toes poking out through individual holes.  So tidily charming.

are some people who are discussing the word "blog."  I am the type of person who thinks about these things.  I find it funny, alarming, and obscurely comforting that there are other people who debate such matters seriously.

Talking of which, I have written before about words I just have a hard time using.  There are also many words I simply do not like.  Let's add these things to the list:
  • "round and round we go"
  • "out on your ear"
  • When. people. write. with. periods. for. emphasis.
  • When people say "the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble."  (Just to be clear: people actually putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable is fine.  It's the phrase I don't like.)
  • "drool-worthy"
  • "well-edited," referring to something besides writing.
  • "There are so few ingredients, it's important they be of the highest quality!"
  • And for the holiday season, can I reiterate how much I dislike the formulation "to gift"?
Sometimes I get words in my head, like "Wernike's Area" or "Myanmar" and I don't know what they mean or how they got there. Probably from a former life but as you can see I retained no actual knowledge from that life.

Western Family plastic bags (sandwich bags---we call them "baggies;" is this correct, or something only terrible people do, like use "kleenex" for facial tissue and "xerox" for photocopy?) have undergone several changes!  I used to like them fine, and then a couple years ago they got terrible.  They split apart at the seams anytime you put anything in them, and they felt really brittle, like paper instead of plastic.  (I observed this scientifically, after buying several different boxes.)  So I stopped buying them, but then recently I accidentally bought them again, and they're fine again.  Good job, WF chemists!
There are few people that I dislike more than Elijah Wood as Frodo in the Lord of the Rings movies. I mean, just conjure up his white, wistful face in your mind's eye. Doesn't it make you want to hit him?

When I've been reading something for a while I start to write in that style. I don't mean to, but I do. So if you think I sound like Dickens or someone when I'm writing, I'm not plagarizing. I'm just that talented. It just happens. Deal with it.

It is bad that "deal with it" is a phrase I use so often, I even overhear Abe using it? I don't think it's something I heard from my mom EVER. Yet it sums up so nicely what I so often want my children to do!

Whenever something I'm baking needs "a few more minutes," I think I'll just remember to check it again in a few minutes. I don't ever think I need to set a timer for it. Sometimes I set one anyway. Coincidentally, these are the only times my food doesn't get burned.


  1. Thoughtful and prolific.
    I'm amazed at anybody who can post more than once a week. But you posted 4 times today? It's interesting to read.
    And, by the way, it took Joel and hour before he realized that the Carl's Jr. coupons you gifted him were really tickets for Friday's game. He thought you all just must have known how much he likes Carl's Jr.
    (smile) sometimes we tell him it's okay if he rode the short bus to school.

  2. I also dislike 'emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle.' Every single time I have heard it the speaker acts as though they have just personally invented the most hilarious joke.

    It's amazing that I was still able to enjoy The Lord of the Rings movies. It seemed the main power of the ring was to render Elijah Wood increasingly irritating.

  3. I totally do that writing thing too. So if I'm working on my book or a story I try really hard to stay away from other books. It was way embarrassing to take a Dickens class and creative writing at the same time.

  4. maybe if you started reading Steinbeck instead of R.L. Stein, your writing on the blog would become more YOU!?!?!
    Incidentally, my food gets burned constantly. It's because my microwave timer only beeps 5 times, quietly, and if I'm nowhere near when that happens, all is lost.

  5. I get names stuck in my head. A few months ago it was "Imelda Staunton," and after reading an Ensign article about family history work where the writer had a family name pop into her head--someone she hadn't been able to find--I was sure Imelda must be a long-lost ancestor. So I googled her name . . . You may remember Imelda as the wife of Mr. Parker in Sense & Sensibility, or as Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter 5. So much for my personal lines of revelation.

  6. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Me, too. Except I probably don't want to hit Mr. Wood. Daisy, Daisy - lucky girl to have an afgan, or an Iran, or a Jordan - why DO we call it that? The English, that's why- the English and their white man's burden. I hate the word blog. It's why I didn't start writing one for so long. I prefer "nettle" as in net journal and as in "I nettled him."

    People used to call all cameras "kodaks" and all refrigerators "Frigidaires." So you are carrying on a fine old American tradition.

  7. Oh - and the reading/writing style thing? I do that too. Love it. When I have to write, I prime myself.

  8. Sheesh. I wish I had that talent. Wishing I could write. Is that a talent? Brian uses the phrase "deal with it" all the time. Our children, also use that phrase. You know what? It works.

  9. I overheard a couple of little sisters say at the doctor's office: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." They were fighting over a slinky-time or something. The mother had started to repeat it, but they cut her off and finished it. Though it's a little sing-songy for me, I can't help but agree with the sentiment. :) My mom would say, rarely (thankfully!): "Life's not fair." I vowed to never use that one.


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