The gift of glamour

The holiday season is upon us, and Sam and I want to give a little something back to our kind friends and neighbors.

And what better gift than a glamourous photo for you or a loved one?

When: Sunday, Dec 13th, 5-8 p.m.
Where: Our house (email me for directions)
What: Our trained photographer(s) will be at the ready throughout the evening to capture your lovely selves on film.  We will have a few props on hand, but please bring your own if you desire---and dress appropriately!  Finished pictures will be emailed to you later.
Oh, and: dinner.  I will make soup and bread.  Bring a dessert to share, if you are so inclined.

Come; eat; simply slip in and out for your photo, or stay all evening and chat.  You decide.

But one thing: you need to email me [marilyn dot nielson at byu dot net] if you want to come.  Or leave a comment.  Even if you haven't previously revealed your presence here as a reader, don't be shy!  We would love to have you---all of you---come!  After all . . . glamour knows no boundaries; no rich or poor; no east side or west side.  Glamour can embrace us all! 

P.S. Yes, your kids can come too, but we will NOT be attempting to photograph the little hooligans.


  1. Looks like Santa's giving me my present early this year!
    Hoo ha!
    It sounds fabulous and if there's any way we can make it, we will. I'll plan on it, although you know how traffic is for us West Siders.
    And I'm going to email you back. Today's the first day I've felt good in a week, so I'm reading blogs and eating Cafe Rio! (yes, I did throw up this morning, but now, I'm eating BEEF!)

  2. oh ARGH!! I want to come so bad. WE'll be there in spirit. :(

  3. Yes, I'm IN!!!! May Sophie please have her picture taken? She'll be so disappointed otherwise . . . Just wait 'til Rob wakes up. He'll be thrilled. Or something.

  4. But can you make me look JUST LIKE SAM? And tell Gin they should come. They really should They should come NOW and stay till then. Or later. I don't really have pictures taken of me anymore because whatever face this is I am thinking behind, it isn't the one I remember having for most of my life. But will you put all of them up on the blog in the end?

  5. Wow, I sure wish I could come! My life could use some glamour. I hope you'll document the event on your blog???


  6. Yes please. And I'm going to give a copy of my glamour shot to Beth so that she can keep it on her piano. I also want to give one to my mother. Can I enlarge it to a 17 by 20?

  7. I can't get over Sam with the rose. It's so touching, I nearly cried.

  8. Why do I have to live so far away? I am in desperate need of a glamour shot. I do hope I get to see the results of this shoot!


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