Christmas Eve

The boys love candles

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days (nights?) of the whole year---we have our butterscotch roll party in the morning and then in the evening we have dinner by candlelight and Elf Olympics and various other festivities.  The last few years we've made a greater effort to have everything ready/wrapped early, which allows us to relax and have fun on the 24th.  This year we watched last year's Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert on KBYU, and it was excellent---we all loved it---so I think that may become part of our tradition too.

Elves.  (Malachi was doing this toothy thing all night---not sure why)

One of the contests is Lego-building.  Here we have my Segway scooter---with peepholes for younger riders.

Seb explains his creation (very elaborate)

The Sock Game (with animals---renamed "Load Santa's Sleigh").  Great hilarity always ensues during this game.  Seb's scary red eyes edited out, to become scary black eyes.


  1. Go ahead, ask me which of your boys I love best. I can't decide, either.

  2. what great ideas for the 24th! I'll have to remember them for next year. We unfortunately did not get the wrapping done early. Hmmmm. Almost got caught too.


  3. Another reason I love Sebby so much--he gets red eye just like me! I *always* have red eye in pictures! Happy New Year!

    nolon :)

  4. M - your kids will honor you two forever for the investment you are making in them. They will expect the world to be interesting, rich and full of wonderful things, and because they expect them, they will see them, find them. You may be outlining for yourselves a weight of tradition, but my hat is off to you. We had ours, too - but we weren't half as fun as you guys. You have a good, good man. And beautiful kids. I don't use the word "deserve" at all lightly, but that's what I will say to the young woman who is so faithful and who works so hard to shape a beautiful and healthy world: you deserve what you have.


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