Don't forget . . .

to come have yourself glamourized at our party tomorrow!
We can't wait to see you (come hell or high water).  And if you didn't RSVP . . . come anyway!
See you then.


  1. I'm so glad you reminded me. I plumb forgot. I don't think I communicated my intentions to you earlier, but I very much want to come. Hope to see you tonight.

  2. Ken and I are so sorry to have to send our regrets :( Have a fabulous time, and I can't wait to see pictures. Sending warm, loving wishes from AZ.

  3. High water I might have come through anyway, but snow? We didn't even go to church. We really considered coming, but then realized it would be 10 degrees again while coming home and dark to boot.

    So sorry we missed it! We'll have to come see your home another time.

    Charles and Bryony

  4. Was it fun? I actually wanted to come, even though I never go anywhere. I hope you guys had a GREAT time.


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