The Fwuffball Tree

Sebby: the next Martha Stewart?


  1. I don't know, his smile here looks a little too natural compared with the manufactured expressions she wears on her magazine covers.

  2. "Using Fwuffballs to decorate your Christmas tree? IT'S A GOOD THING." That's what she'd say, and then she'd make that smiley face that Sam was talking about.

  3. oh my gosh he IS! That is awesome!
    But Sam is right, he's going to have to work on the forced gaiety. IS that even spelled right?

  4. I love that boy. I also love that you let him have his own tree. I'll have to look for little trees on clearance for my kids.

  5. I totally agree with you about that killer house plant thing. That gave me the willies too.
    Tell Sebby it's okay to be afraid of the Pixar lamp. Maybe it will keep him from sticking his fingers into a lamp and electrocuting himself. These are normal, healthy fears that keep children from hurting themselves and save parents money at the emergency room or insta-care. For instance, I'm trying to instill a deep fear of candy in Sarah. I might even stand over her at night while she's sleeping and tell her stories called "attack of the killer tootsie roll" and stuff. We just had her first cavity drilled and filled yesterday, and let me tell you, random phobias might add up to a good thing!


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