You may know that I am afraid of things that grow too fast or too big or in the wrong places.  Like this (horrible; I had to close my eyes as I found the link) and this.  That's right, have a good laugh about it.  Wait till your brothers leave vines and branches snaking through your window onto your bed . . .

Sebby is afraid of the Pixar lamp (the one that bounces on and then squishes the "i" in "Pixar").  We have tried to tell him how cute and nice it is, but to no avail.

Abe and Seb are afraid of "the hat" that is hanging on the wall downstairs at my mom's house (one of those cone-shaped Filipino hats).  "I can't go down there!  I'm afwaid of the hat!"

Ky is not afraid of anything, but says he is whenever his brothers are.  ("Fwayd of hat TOO, Mommy!")

Do you have any odd fears I should know about?


  1. I'm scared of how big and deep the ocean is. This manifests itself when I think about things like big huge bridges (oh, that's right I'm scared of big rivers too) when I have to think about how far down the pillars and stuff go.
    It's really scary. I get this really deep scared feeling when I think about it.
    And I'm scared of wolverines and badgers. Totally.

  2. I have a fear of commitment, specifically when it comes to deciding on dessert. What if, three bites into my Cookie Sundae, I realize I wanted the Raspberry Cheesecake instead?

  3. I think he has a right to be scared of Luxo.

  4. I am afraid of the dark and freshwater fish. I find trout, carp and the like entirely too friendly when I'm playing in the lake. But in the ocean, I'm fine.

  5. How funny - G and I are both freaked out by man-made stuff under the water. The ocean thing, like Gin - but also reservoirs with towers sticking out of them; if I think too hard about them, I start imagining the parts under water and I get really, really scared. And wild boars. And bugs like spiders getting into the bed. And the IRS. Really, really, the IRS.


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