The moment you've all been waiting for

Beth's contribution---pure elegance

We had a lovely time at our Glamour Party!  It was a snowy night and only the most intrepid souls ventured out.  But for those who did, the rewards were great.  What a good-looking group!  (If you want a high-res version of these files, friends, just let me know.)

  (this one is un-retouched, but her expression is so perfect I had to include it)

Thanks for such a fun time, everyone!  Maybe we can do it again sometime.


  1. I do believe Melissa and Jordan have found their engagement photo!

  2. Melissa looks like the white witch from Narnia or something.
    I just giggle and giggle more. I'll have to have Meridee send me a picture of the ornament I made for our annual Christmas party, because it was Joel's and my glamour shots made to look like the cover of one of those padded photo albums that everybody made in homemaking in the 80's.
    I love what Sam did with Joel's hair. Really. And I'm going to need the lovey one of Joel and I in high res because that baby's getting blown up and hung over our bed headboard.

  3. I just love the whole idea for this party--and the resulting photos are fabulous. Kris and I were cracking up looking at them. Can I make a request that the next party be when I'm in town? (hah)
    Oh, and I'd also like a high res of Joel and Beth because I'd like to hang them above our bed as well.

  4. And after seeing how Sam blushed me up, I've started wearing my blush in real life higher on my cheekbones. Thanks for the tip, Sam.

  5. Gin's going to be in town in Feb. I want to see what Sam would do with HER hair. Heck, I'd like to see what he'd do with MINE!! Maybe a cowboy hat?????

  6. Whoa. Wow. AMAZing. Is the little girl Beth's? Looks like her! Chelsea, I don't think you needed a glamour shot to be glamorous. You just are, naturally.
    What fun! Wish we could have been part of it! I do wonder what you would have done with James' hair. I guess I'll always have to wonder, won't I!

  7. Rach: That's funny, she DOES kind of look like Beth! but that is Chelsea's little girl. Isn't she cute?

    And I, too, would like to see what Sam could do with all of your collective hair. Someday, friends. Someday.

  8. I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet. I think I was waiting to say the right thing because I love this post so much. I should never wait because then I forget.

    Thanks for giving me the best Facebook profile picture imaginable. I can't tell you how many folks have pleaded with me to make that our actual engagement photo. I love it. The little details Sam added in all of these are fantastic (Jordan's mustache!).

    What a great party. You should know that Jordan and I are closing this month on a townhouse near you. I can't promise parties like yours, but you're welcome to visit anytime.


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