Three Little Pigs

Following the overload of cuteness that was Halloween, I started scheming about what other fairy tales I could force my fortuitously-numbered children into.  We decided our family project for the next couple months would be to make a book of Fairy Tales for my mom's Christmas present (you see that I am not totally blinded by motherly bias---I realize that this is the kind of gift one can give a grandmother, and no one else.)

But while I had enough sense to see that a book full of pictures of my darling children might be a little much for most people, I am going against that better judgement to put up a couple blog posts of---not ALL the pictures---but, my favorites.  Feel free to go elsewhere when it gets excessive. :)

Of course, we owe much (although maybe not as much as you'd think) to the digital painting of the estimable Sam.  Thanks, Sam.

And now without further . . . without further . . . ah, let's move on now (that was for you, Rach):


  1. Do you hear me roaring? Will you be my daughter, too, so that I can have a book like this? Ginna - is this an unfair thing to say when your cast potential is smaller? But still, even one kid in a Halloween video is uproarious. Okay, I'm finally getting the grandmother thing. I think I've met your mom face to face, Mar - certainly, over the phone. When I see her again, I'll fall on her neck and call her blessed.

  2. Sorry. I had to say - the chimney shot - holy cow.

    Stick hiccuping.

  3. I especially love the wolf in the pot!

  4. OH MY HECK! Well, I guess I don't really want a book of all these pictures, but I love the idea. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marilyn, you are the COOLEST mom! If only I had the creativity and energy to do things THIS cool with my kids. If only, if only.


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