Three Billy Goats Gruff

My favorite character in this last of our little tableaux is the MEAN, UGLY TROLL.  (Key to successful casting of infants in drama: ensure that crying/fussing improves the final result.)


  1. i can't type because i'm laughing too hard. too hard. oh my gosh! the ogre flying off the bridge!!! How did you do that!?

  2. You guys!! Troll-tossing?????? Isn't there a law???? This is wonderful. Yeah. Now I know I was the most boring parent on the planet.

  3. I love this idea! How fun! The grass is definitely greener where you live. :-) And your troll is not very frightening, no matter how disguised she is!

    vaggies--slightly dirty rendition of veggies, I suppose.

  4. oh I LOVE this! It's so darling and creative and wonderful. I love youguys. SO MUCH.


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