Would you like to know what Ky is doing?

He is picking up crumbs from the table one by one and dropping them into his empty chocolate milk jug (which he got in his stocking).  He has been doing this for half an hour.  Yes, there are that many crumbs.


  1. Well, when your place is clean send him over to mine. We can keep him busy clear until Easter. Also, I showed my in-laws the glamour shots and the verdict is unanimous: Sam is a freaking GENIUS!

  2. Awesome. We were vacuuming the needles from the deadest Christmas tree ever (I don't think it 'drank' at all) and I told Philip I was leaving a few to entertain Ben in a couple more months. :) 30 minutes...and just call it a learning activity: pincer-grasp practice. :)

  3. more to the point, there is that much focus. And people think children don't have much of an attention span. I suppose that conclusion is drawn by people who are trying to get children to pay attention to what the adults think is interesting.


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