Who says that boys don't like to engage in pretend-play of domestic activities?  Here are my boys pretending to make a nice batch of cookies.

"Get-out-the-sugar-and-put-it-in.  BAM!"
"Put-the-butter-in-the-microwave. vvvVVV! SLAM! PLOP!"
"Crack-the-eggs-in.  CRRRACK!  CRRRACK!"
"Oh no, the egg fell out and broke!  Get-another-one.  CRRRACK!  CRRRACK!"
"Okay, turn on the mixer.   vvvvvVVVVVVVRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAA . . . " 
"The flour is puffing out.  PUFF!  PUFF!"
"Oh, no, the dough is falling out!  FWUMP!  SPLASH!  FWUMP!"
"Turn it higher.  BRRWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" 
"Turn it higher!  HIGHER!"



    You might find it flattering that your boys pretend to make cookies. When Sophie pretends to be the mom, all I hear are her dolls making perfectly reasonable requests with Sophie (rather evil-ishly) saying "No!"

  2. He he, I'm always astounded at how wicked my girls are when they pretend they are mothers! I don't know why, but Mary shouts everything, her voice rising to show how mad/serious she is. "clara get IN YOUR BED!!!!!!"
    Clara puts Mary in the chokey (a la Matilda) quite often and relishes her part as the Trunchbull.
    But your boys, they make cookies using industrial-sized machinery, it seems. I'd like to witness that some time.

  3. You see? This is why I quit cooking. SO much anxiety and violence and craziness. Especially when the dough leaks out. Takes a mean cook to get anything done in an environment like a kitchen.


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