Pink lilacs!  I've seen white before, but not pink.
It seems like the lilacs here are kind of late to bloom this year, or maybe I'm just remembering wrong?  Anyway, they are just starting to come out.  They are gorgeous.  We've seen lots of huge bushes growing on street corners and by empty fields---obviously not being cared for, but flourishing anyway.  We also went to Red Butte Gardens (perhaps the only good thing to come out of the U of U?  Heh heh---just a little joke) and saw several different varieties of lilac.  I loved seeing them all together---so many shades and variations!

We also saw these interesting violets---they look like they were spattered with tiny drops of purple paint!


  1. Beautiful! I wish I could breathe it all in . . . .

  2. I always assumed the Garden was expensive. Was I wrong? Or do you just splurge?

  3. So, I stayed up until 5:00 am this morning watching the last season of Lark Rise to Candleford on youtube. It was a long day with the kiddies and my unwinding got a little out of hand.

    I was so disappointed she chose Daniel over Fisher. First, Fisher is waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better looking. Second, he has a much more interesting craft. And third, Laura is already all hoity-toity "buttoned up" and Fisher is the only person who knows how to deflate her vanity and make her notice the people around her. With Daniel, her character flaws will be enhanced.

    Who wrote that ending???????

    I'm hoping the writers will come to their senses in the next season and kill off Daniel in a flood or something and bring Fisher back. Or, better yet, have Fisher and Laura accidentally meet on the road during a thunderstorm, shelter under a tree, make out like mad and have Laura come to her senses that way. That would be very satisfying.

    I also don't like Minnie and Alf together. If Laura doesn't end up with Fisher, she should end up with Alf. Alf needs a lot of help, not a nincompoop--no matter how darling.

  4. Chels: We have a membership, so free for us, but it is still not too expensive. Cheaper than Thanksgiving Point by quite a bit. Maybe $4 or $6 per adult?

    Andrea: Haven't gotten to the end of LRTC yet!! Will read and think about your comment more closely once I have. :)

  5. Argh! SORRY!!!!! I assumed the whole world had finished because we don't have tv access and I was watching through netflix and with only three episodes per dvd it was taking me FOREVER. Sorry again for spoilers.

  6. They are late this year. They usually bloom before my birthday on the 8th and are gone close after. This year, they bloomed almost on time - but they're still around, which is shocking and delightful. I'll have to hit the garden. I want to smell all the kinds.


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