Things I find strange

Reason #52 why I love Sebby: sideways smiles


Listing one item of a list, but labeling it "#244" or whatever, and expecting me to just believe there are actually 243 other things on that list.  Lazy.  (Advertisements use this a lot, e.g. "Reason #37 for eating at Ruby River."  Really?  You've thought of 36 other reasons?  Let's hear 'em.)

Walk-a-thons.  I should pay you . . . for . . . walking.  Nope.*

"Box tops for Education."  The school gets something like 5 cents per box top?  Wouldn't it be, like, 80 times faster just to ask us to go without one box of cereal and donate the whole $3.99?

*On second thought, ANY-a-thons.  Ask me to donate.  Or offer an exchange of goods/services.  But let's not have this weird hybrid, where you're only pretending to offer me something of value, and I'm only pretending to value it.  "I don't care that much about curing cancer, but I DO so want you to walk 15 miles!"


  1. You know I feel the same way about walk-a-thons, but I must say that I really enjoyed it in elementary when we had read-a-thons. Now you could donate money for me to read any time.

  2. Oh, I am so with you on the Box Tops. It stresses me out trying to remember to cut them off--Seth: "Why are you digging through the garbage can?" Me (frantically): "I have to find that cereal box you threw away--it has a _Box Top for EDUCATION_ on it!"

    But hey--I'd be happy to join your friend Katy in a read-a-thon. You _know_ you really want me to read for fifteen hours straight.

  3. I thought I'd commented on this. But I really am losing my mind. I read this outloud to G. I love the way you see things, and the way you put them once you've seen them. We are SO with you.

  4. Okay, so that point about cereal boxes is freaking brilliant.

    I currently have more children under the age of five at my house than the American Psychiatric Association recommends for reasonable sanity. (Five of them. For 2 days. With no advance notice. Stupid emergency surgery. Well, okay, I knew my own would be here.) Any words of advice or encouragement would be deeply appreciated.

    So far the only thing my neighbors have offered is to come "help" me babysit. Like I need another person in this house right now or another stranger trying to reign in some very unnerved children.

  5. Thank you for the point about walk-a-thons. I couldn't agree more.

  6. I'm loving you box top idea. Brilliant. I'm totally down with that.


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