Crescent City

We thought Crescent City (just outside Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park) was a lovely place. I was checking the weather there for several weeks before we went and it seemed like it was always 61 and cloudy, or 61 and rainy. Great weather for a temperate rain forest!
Junie loved these seals. Or sea lions? How does one tell the difference?
Beautiful lighthouse--during low tide you can walk across the little causeway and take a tour

Sam enjoyed photographing the waves (no doubt the photos will someday go in his Magnum Opus about Light)
And the boys enjoyed getting splashed by them (not so much Abe, though . . . hiding behind his little brother? How ungallant! :))


  1. There's the beautiful family - always finding beautiful places, and sharing them with curious creatures (a phrase that fits the children as well). Beautiful shots. I wish I could live in a place like that - that was also Wales, and also the East coast in Autumn, but never leave here, where there are so many people we love -

  2. So beautiful!! It makes me want to hop in a car and go. Now!

  3. What a wonderful vacation! I love all your posts about it and beautiful pictures. The walnut orchard is so neat and the beautiful waterfalls.... I love Oregon.

    Sea Lions have little ears while seals have smooth heads. I can't tell in the photo which they are. Sea lions also use their tail fins to "walk" on land while seals do more the flop and roll maneuver. See here:

  4. Cayenne: Aha! Very interesting. I'm glad to know that because I always use them interchangeably even though I know there must be SOME difference between them! :)


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