Good food near Tillamook and Rockaway Beach

Sam and I went to Portland (without kids) several years ago, and while in the area we drove out to Tillamook to see the cheese factory and get ice cream. The ice cream was so spectacular that we've talked about it ever since, so of course we were excited to come back with the kids. We had the opportunity to taste a lot more flavors this time (16, in fact, since we visited the ice cream shop on two different days) and they were, without exception, totally delicious.
Everywhere we went, there were huge swaths of wild daisies and buttercups growing along the roadsides. They were so pretty, and I always wanted to stop for a closer look, but as we were usually driving on highway, we couldn't. Finally we saw this little hillside near a restaurant we stopped at, so of course Daisy and I went over to enjoy them!

The restaurant (it was called The Fish Peddler, and it was attached to an oyster company called Pacific Oyster)  was SO good. I've never tried oysters before and theirs were amazing. Their crab melt, their fish tacos, and their clam chowder were excellent as well. Yum! Daisy liked these cute little smiley fries that came with kids meal. :)
We saw this enormous pile of oyster shells as we drove away.
One night Sam and I went to this darling tiny restaurant, The Rising Star Cafe, up the coast a bit. It only held about 5 tables but the food was SO great--like going to a gourmet chef's house and having her whip up a bunch of stuff for you from her garden. It was gorgeous on the plate too. The owner was friendly and sweet and walked in and out of the kitchen, checking on the meals and talking to the guests. Perfect date night.
View from in front of the restaurant

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