Silver Falls State Park

I love waterfalls, and this state park has a trail that hikes past 10 of them! We didn't feel like we could hike the whole thing with the littlest kids, but we thought it would be fun to do at least part of it. We hiked about 3 miles on beautiful foresty trail to Winter Falls (that happened accidentally; we thought we were going the other direction) and then did short hikes to North and South Falls, which are the best because you can actually go behind the waterfalls! As if Oregon weren't already beautiful enough with the trees everywhere and the moss and the green foliage, adding a waterfall to the scene just makes you feel like you're in a postcard. And there's mist! And I love the sound of crashing water! I really want to come back and do the whole trail sometime.
You can see those tiny people down there behind the water. I think some of those are my people.

We loved these wet, cave-y places behind the waterfalls
I love how the green forest looks through the spray of the falls
I also love these enormous boulders at the bottom here--I wonder what it sounded like when they came crashing down over the edge!

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