Tide Pools

We drove up to Cannon Beach one morning to see the tide pools. Sam and I had been to Haystack Rock before on another trip, but never at low tide, and it was interesting how different everything seemed! My mom said she used to spend a week in a little cottage near here every year when she was a little girl.
I hadn't realized how rocky it was---SO many little secret places for crabs and starfish and mussels to hide!

We couldn't decide if we liked the starfish better,
or the anemones, which would squinch up when you stroked them. Fun!
This seagull is quite pleased with his catch! Poor starfish.
I was very excited that it happened to be nesting season for the tufted puffins! (Just SAYING "tufted puffin" makes me happy.) Haystack rock was just covered with them, and with gulls and cormorants and all sorts of other birds. There were some bird watchers there with telescopes, and they let us look at the birds. The puffins make their burrows in the grassy areas on the rock. It was really helpful to have one of the birders tell us how to tell the different kinds of birds apart from far away (based on speed of wingbeat and silhouette, etc).
I couldn't get a good picture from below, but see? You can certainly tell he's a puffin, anyway. So cute! Here is a better picture of a tufted puffin.
The birds were so beautiful and seemed so happy, flying around over the water. :)
Gorgeous views on the way back down toward Rockaway Beach---I love the gradient of sand to water to sky!

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