June Sky

We've had such pretty evenings the last little while. The other night the setting sun had beams. We rode our bikes to follow the last of the sunset. It was changing every minute!
The sky overhead, above the gold clouds, was a bright cerulean color. Or did Sam call it cyan? He's the resident Color Expert. Anyway, it was so striking, above the oranges in the horizon.

Looking the other direction. I love these little feathery paintstrokes.


  1. Sometimes when I read your blog I feel like a bad mother. This is one of those times. We don't ride after sunsets. Usually, I yell at the kids to JUST GO TO BED ALREADY.


  2. Oh goodness, perhaps it will help if I clarify that it is JUST Sam and me who go on bike rides at sunset, happily and with much relief, leaving the kids behind after we've _already_ told them to go to bed dozens of times. Ah, such a peaceful time of day (when you're not inside the house to hear anyone being disobedient). :)

  3. That makes me feel much better. :)


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