Iris Gardens

Near Salem there is an iris farm with huge fields of iris, which were in full-bloom this time of year. They also have a gorgeous display garden, presumably so you won't go tramping around their fields trying to see the flowers. :) I love seeing how much variety there can be in just one kind (species? subspecies?) of flower! I do wish they had organized all the beds according to color, though, because it was hard to see and appreciate the subtle differences without the colors right next to each other. Schreiner's Iris Gardens, are you reading this?? :)

If you think there are too many pictures here, just thank your lucky stars I didn't find out about the peony farm until we were too far away to go to it. Next time!
So delicate; I love how softly it fades into lavender

Malachi was pushing Goldie here, and she cried if anyone else tried to take over
Almost black!
This gold one is one of my favorites
The fields reminded me of these

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