B is for Birds, C is for Custard

I was hoping "B" could be for "Bald Eagle" because February is often a good time to see Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay—at least that's what I'd heard. But for whatever reason (too warm? too late/early in the day? too late in the season?) there weren't any. So—B was for Birds instead, and there were plenty of those! Farmington Bay is a great area to birdwatch. We ate Breakfast at a nearby restaurant just for good measure. :)

"C" was for Custard—frozen custard, to be precise. We looked up all the places serving frozen custard on Yelp, and went to the ones that were close enough. I think we tried four different places (am I forgetting one, Sam?). We just ordered a couple items at each place and everyone had small tastes.

It was a bit hard to do a VALID comparison with so many variables coming into play. Really we ought to have had them all side by side, but that seemed logistically impossible without some of them melting. But, we gave it a valiant effort. We tried Freddy's, Rita's, Nielsen's, and Culver's. Culver's was our clear winner and I think Freddy's was second.

(Other alphabet weekends: here).


  1. Is that place good for year-round viewing generally, or just seasonal? We usually go to Provo Lake; how does it compare? I love bird watching, though with my clan it's more like bird-scaring. Sorry enthusiasts!

    I keep hearing about custard--will have to try it soon. Are you going to the Baskin Robbins 3/31 sale tomorrow? We have one we can bike to, so we're making it part of our spring break staycation. :)

    1. I think it's pretty good year-round, but maybe not better than Utah Lake. It's more like bird-scaring with us too! Ha ha. At least we weren't there early in the morning, so I didn't feel like we were ruining the dawn chorus or something.

      I do like frozen custard. So smooth and creamy! And kind of…dense? I don't know. You'll have to try it. I like pretty much any kind of milkshake/frozen yogurt/ice cream-y sort of thing, but frozen custard is right up there on top. :) And Baskin Robbins! Yum! Haven't been there for years! I think there is still one by BYU, but I don't know of one by us.

  2. These pictures!! They are just getting better and better and it makes me so strangely happy!

    Also, I took Ornithology in college. We were still on the quarter system and the class was at a time when very few birds were yet about so our field trips were kind of a bust. I spent more time trying to classify old dusty stuffed birds for tests. BUT, I'm quite fond of birds all the same and if I do actually happen to see one beyong a robin or magpie and recognize what it is, I feel so thrilled about it!

    1. Oh, thank you! It's all that new lens, which I don't even know how to adjust properly yet, but I like it all the same. I wish I could take an ornithology class. It seems like it WOULD be quite thrilling to know what I'm seeing. I know a few birds because Ky likes them, but I'd like to know more.


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