In which I aggregate a bunch of pictures

Not so much to say today about these cuties, except that they ARE cuties---every last one of them. Here are the girls on a day they talked me into doing buns in their hair. I'm not great at it and I need more bobby pins! They are both wearing my favorite color, though.
Goldie dressed up in a bunting to match her baby Fern, by wearing a fur-collared velvet dress under Junie's pajamas. It worked quite well, actually.
Speaking of matching…these girls do it.

Huggy snuggers. Daisy is really taller, but she's squinching down.
Teddy looking displeased, right before he threw down the maraca I gave him. Ungrateful.
Here's a happy sight: Abe heading off to the temple with his two friends. They (and sometimes a couple other boys too) do baptisms at the temple every Wednesday. Sweet boys.
Junie in her pig costume
You know those toys for kids to ride on at the mall? I used to allow my kids to sit and pretend to ride them, as one does, but after I had a bunch of kids all such activities were necessarily brought to a halt! No time. No inclination to round them all up again. And anyway, I hardly ever take them all out shopping anymore. But one night Sam and I found ourselves at the mall with only Goldie and Theo, so we let them sit on the toys. They were SO happy. They had never experienced such a thing before! And probably never will again. :)
This is my favorite. Nice driving, Theo.
Don't let his long-suffering look fool you—he was totally enjoying himself.
Pop-up card Seb made for Abe
Goldie and Nutmeg just love each other. They have a mutually beneficial relationship. Actually, Nutmeg likes anyone who pets him.
And two girls out watching a sunset.


  1. Oh those two yellow dressed bun wearing sisters! Such dear little friends!

    And I love so much that Abe can just walk to the temple each week! That's so cool! It's about 20 mins to Ogden or Brigham City for us. That's no huge deal, but just enough to make a weekly thing complicated. Perhaps in the summer I can make it so. (What am I? Jean-Luc Picard? "Make it so.")

    1. We really are so lucky. Because we live so close to the temple, if I ever go too long between visits, I feel full of apology toward all the people that live hours and hours (and even logistically-difficult parts of hours) away from temples! I'm afraid they're all going to rise up and berate me if I don't take advantage of my closeness! :)

      Speaking of "make it so," have you seen this masterpiece? Even if you have, it's always worth another look:


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