Portraits of Theodore

I saved the teeniest, the squealiest, and the dimpliest one for last. You just can't get a bad picture of this guy (unless you count a dirty face as a bad picture; in which case, they're all bad). His eyes are so trusting (or accusing, depending on the circumstance). And he has such a funny smile, and he bounces whenever there's the slightest hint of music, even something annoying like the tail end of a radio commercial. Doesn't matter to him. He bounces like his life depends on it. He laughs when everyone else laughs and he has the softest, tuftiest fluff of "hair" sticking out from the sides of his head. Whenever possible, I kiss him and nibble his cheeks, and he puts up with it for a few moments, but he really has better things to do. Teddy Bear! Please stop growing up!

Scary. The necromancer with his scrying ball.


  1. These are great! I especially love the necromancer one.

  2. Oh, here's where you've been hiding all the pictures of this delicious fellow! I have obviously been missing out since I let my blogging slack off... I need a good week to go back through all your posts! 😁


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