She's a helper

Hardly a meal goes by around here that Goldie doesn't run in to the kitchen chirping, "Can I be your helper, Mommy?" Mostly she likes the prospect of licking out the bowl, I think, but then again, she likes everything: stirring (or rather, "ftooing") and dumping things in and tapping the measuring cup off on the side of the bowl. And it's totally delightful to have her help. Too often, I'm in a hurry and the last thing I think I want is Miss Goldie slowing me down—but I try to remind myself how much she loves it and how much I love it, having her with me. Sometimes I compromise by saying, "I have to work fast, so I can't have a helper, but I can have a watcher!" And she's pretty happy being my Watcher too.

Maybe the most adorable part of it all is the way she has to stand up on tiptoe, even on the stool. Or maybe it's how she says, the moment something splashes out of the bowl, "Can I eat that little drip?" Or maybe it's just her sweet little serious face as she executes her important responsibilities. But I just love her so much!


  1. Wait, when did she get to be so grown up! What a wonderful helper.

  2. Oh, what a wonderful idea to have a Watcher! Lizzie loves to be a "helper," and I'm not nearly as patient as you are.


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