Portraits of Goldie

Goldie's going through the "terrified of dogs" stage that all of my children have entered at some point. It's strange. For their first year or two they are perfectly content and happy to pat doggies' furry heads, and giggle at their wet tongues, and so forth, and then suddenly it's like a switch flips to UTTER TERROR. So for the past few weeks, Goldie runs inside SOBBING whenever she hears barking. (I could understand a little kid being nervous if a dog is right there sniffing her, but just when one barks from three houses away? Hmmph.) We ate a little picnic lunch outside in our backyard the other day and she would NOT leave the safety of my lap. Not even an inch! I'd set her next to me on the grass and she'd gasp and leap up onto me again and repeat in a nervous, querulous tone, "That doggie can't come over here! That doggie is saying hi to me!" (all the things I've been telling her when she runs in crying). And even inside the house, she heard a dog start barking and she raced in with her Legos in from the playroom and sat next to my chair and wouldn't be budged.

Well, it's her only flaw. Goldie's the funniest, brightest, happiest little sunshine in the world, when no dogs are barking! :) She loves to sing and dance and do anything her siblings are doing, and she's getting closer and closer to reaching the realm of "real person" (though she still says lots of funny and inexplicable things, made funnier by the fact that she is so person-like when she says them). She scoots her chair right up next to me at dinner and says, confidingly, "I'm bein' by-you, Mommy!", accompanied by an inevitably sticky kiss. (Children are always irresistibly drawn to hug and kiss and pat one when they are sticky, aren't they?) And she has hair! Wispy, but definitely hair. We love her to bits!

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