Portraits of Junie

Junie is always dancing these days. She sings to herself and dances along. When we go to choir practice at church, she twirls and leaps across the stand like the ward choir is her own personal accompanist. (Luckily this is usually before too many people arrive for church…) I get her and Daisy mixed up all the time, especially when they wear each others' clothes! Those two are the best of little friends, but Junie spends lots of time heading up mischief with Marigold while the rest of us are having school, too.

Oh, these silly little girls of mine. They have so many funny and characteristic expressions that cross their faces as they talk! Sometimes when I look at the pictures I can tell exactly the sort of thing they were saying at the time, just by their facial expressions! 
She's telling me how the heart pumps the blood. Lub-dub, lub-dub!

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