Funny ha-ha

Have you ever read a book where someone is trying to say that something is "funny," meaning strange, and they say,
"That's funny.  Not funny- ha-ha, but funny- peculiar."

"Funny ha-ha."  I don't know why but that really bothers me.

Also, I now know it was a mistake to get Seb a pair of red underpants.  He likes them so much that he won't change them.

Also, I think it's weird that they do advertisements for Blu-ray DVDs [It is "blu" without the "e", right? Like that makes it super cool or something; "We're so futuristic, man, we've totally moved past 'e' endings!"] with a split screen, to show you the difference between regular DVD and blu-ray: like, this side is the bad blurry regular way and this side is the cool hi-def blu-ray way---except you're watching this all (bad side AND supposed blu-ray-only "good" side) on a regular DVD, right?  So doesn't that sort of undermine their whole point?


  1. So what you're saying is you can REGULARLY get your son to WEAR big boys?
    Can you teach me how to do that?

  2. What makes me laugh is when they show Snow White in Hi-def. I swear it's the same as the "digitally remastered" version they released when DVD's were new. But how can it be hi-def anything? It was made in the 1930's, it the same cartoon it was then with the same annoying voices, and plain animation, all they do is color it brighter colors.

  3. Beth: Just last week we were telling him that "just plain pants" wasn't okay. So I guess the secret ingredient is red underpants.

    Katy: They filmed it on 35mm film, so in theory it should be able to transfer a higher resolution onto dvd/blu-ray. But Most of that old stuff is so blurry it doesn't matter anyway.

  4. I was so excited to buy Hoosiers at Wal-Mart for only 13 dollars. Came home and James informed me that there was no way to watch it since we don't have BLU RAY, Hi DEF.
    egads. We better get with the times!

  5. In defense of hi def Disney, I had the digitally remastered "Sleeping Beauty" and I now have the Blu-Ray version and it really is different. It's incredibly beautiful, the details in the animation are stunning. But I happen to think that "Sleeping Beauty" is an artistic triumph.

    And yes, it does bother me that they show you the split-screen difference on a regular DVD because it does all look the same.

  6. I'm laughing my head off. First of all, they should be saying "funny-odd" not peculiar, as they are misusing the heart of the word. And funny-ha-ha sounds kind of like the name of a Peter Pan character, like somebody who lives with the tribe. And I wish I could wear red underwear sometimes. Not instead of - just - I don't know. Red underwear. You'd be jazzed all day.
    The DVD thing really cracked me up. I'm going to have to sit through those ads one time, instead of working around them -


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