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Sometimes I like abbreviating things.  (So you'd think I'd be "down with" the latest internet slang, LOL!  Unfortunately I don't know what most of it means.) 

Rach and I used to habitually refer to a certain hymn as "F.T.B.O.T.E." [That's Rachael, not Rachmaninoff.  Abbreviating has its perils.]  Sam, bless him, continues to delight me with the way he abbreviates as well.  Some of our standards:
  • What on earth="What on E.?"
  • Pacifier="Pacifee" or "Fee"
  • Aged parent (an affectionate title)="Aged P." (via P.G. Wodehouse, see also "Eggs and B.")
  • Egg McMuffins="Egg McMees"
  • Pillow=Pilaf (?)
  • Camera="tramvai" (not an abbreviation . . . hmm)
What do you abbreviate . . . and what DON'T you?  (Michael Burns, for example---see comments)


  1. I shouldn't read you when I can't sleep. Because I can't think either, when I'm not sleeping when I should be. Names, we truncate all the time, but that's not news. And we still use some baby short-cuts. But I can't even think of one. Chaz uses lbb - "little brown bird." Our two dogs are, in aggregate: the old men. Shoot. I got nothin' tonight. I'll keep thinking.

  2. Once, someone commented on a blog saying they didn't know what LOL meant, and I, the know-it-all, responded that it meant lots of love.
    because, I'm in the know.

  3. We tend to abbreviate places we like to eat, like Planet Sub in kansas city was PSub. We have a sandwich place here we finally found and it's called Jersey Mike's. Kris calls it Jersey M's. Stuff like that.
    WE also sometimes call people by their first initials--or add an incorrect additional initial to their names--like our nephew Parker gets called ParkerP. I don't know why.
    And when Max was little he ate these gross little things called pasta pick-ups sometimes. Kris called them Pasta Ps. I think we've got a thing with P going on.
    I called Sultan Sul.
    There you go. That's everything I can think of.


  4. My brother Abe used to abbreviate all the time in high school, which made for some lovely nicknames for me, like "J-ki-sa and J-croft." But then he go in trouble with my parents for referring to my dad's annual flower show, "The Flower and Bridal Show," as "The F 'n' B.S." (I know that's horrible, but it still makes me laugh)


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