Multi-tasking, hoofing it, slogans

1. What do you think of this? A toaster slot for your computer. If I didn't have hungry boys to feed I would totally do this for my breakfast every day. Awesome!

2. I've been hearing a lot of the phrase "step foot," as in, "I wouldn't step foot in that evil capitalist bastion Walmart if you gave me a million dollars." I realize this brands me as a grammar nerd, but shouldn't it be set foot? Although "step foot" conjures up quite an amusing image, like someone doing the hokey pokey.

3. I drove by the hospital yesterday and saw the following on their sign:

"Varicose veins . . . not always just a cosmetic issue."

What's going on? Are health problems now meriting their own political slogans? Or marketing campaigns? I guess I can get on board with that.

Herniated disks . . . ruining a generation, one back at a time.
Tachycardia . . . the future is now.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome . . . it's the digestion, stupid.
Mumps . . . chubby cheeks you can believe in.

4. Another advertisement I saw recently: "Teach your Children to Pray the Soft, Cute, Cuddly Way!" Wow!! Amazing. Here I've been teaching my children to pray the cold, ugly, prickly way all this time. If only I'd known something like this was available!

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