Puffer Fish

I've been kind of down the last little while, so I will now display some of my finest accomplishments.

These are pictures I drew in the margins of my papers while I was sitting in classes at BYU. Look at all those crescents! And of all shapes and sizes! (Magnificent!) I was much more pleased with my doodles once I settled on this form as my "go-to" creation. I didn't have to worry about coming up with some horribly misshapen person or animal, but yet I could enjoy an intricacy not provided by simple spirals or other geometric shapes.

These are puffer fish. My friend Rachael drew the first puffer fish during our biology class, and after that we were on a never-ending quest to draw perfect ones. Certain pens were better for the purpose, we found. Many of these pictured here are not spiny enough: that is, they look a little too full and fluffy. Some are quite good, however. Once Rachael sent me a whole card full of puffer fish for my birthday. That was a good day.

Anyone else have any good doodles? Or perhaps you didn't sit through as many boring lectures as I did? If there are any, I would enjoy seeing them.


  1. I have some pretty fabulous geometric doodles from back in my BYU days myself. I'll have to see if I still have them somewhere.

  2. You've been feeling down? I'm sorry.
    Maybe it's because I've been such a deadbeat friend, lately. Isn't it hard being a mom? You feel guilty for not playing with your kids, you're stuck at home all day, and you regret any time you leave the house (for some freedom) because your (I mean, my) kids are punks in stores and you're "trying to stick to a budget", anyway.
    What are we supposed to do?
    It's a hard-knock life.


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