New Horizons, and, a naked child

Here's something that has always impressed me: when people know their way around a town so well that they can use phrases like "the diagonal," "the 215," "the old fairgrounds" etc. I fancied myself quite an expert on getting around in Provo, so I am now quite pleased to be learning my way around what is (to me) a new, and quite confusing jumble of cities and freeways. In fact the other day I wanted to get across the valley, so I hopped on "the 215" (see?), not totally sure where I'd come out, and got to my destination with (nearly) no trouble at all. I've also added I-80; as well as Bangerter Highway, of course; to my repertoire. I try to take a slightly different route every time I go out. Sure, I've gotten lost a few times, but it's a small price to pay for starting to feel like one of the natives.

In other news, today at the swimming pool we four were the only people there for about a half hour. [Note: I can't tell my two older boys apart when they're in the water. Is that bad?] It was so fun. And probably lucky too, since at one point I heard Sebby saying (what I thought was), "Can there just be playing boys in the swimming pool?" I said, "Yes, that's right," and then looked over to see Seb standing there naked with his swimming suit around his ankles. And realized that what he'd said was "plain boys." As opposed to boys in swimming suits, apparently.

Also, I really like this picture:


  1. Marilyn, this is such an entertaining blog.
    Good work, people!

  2. His arms look like a T-Rex. I'm not saying your child is mal-formed... it's very artistic. Also, can plain women get in your swimmin' pool? Beth wants to.


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