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Maybe you've already seen it, but this is my favorite blog lately. It shows (very bad) photos from actual real estate listings, and they're so amazing. The glowing prose accompanying this particular photo was: "Party inside the spacious living room or on the covered patio; great place to invite friends over for good times." Awesome!

Anyway, that looks like my kind of party. I love hosting parties! However, whenever we've attempted parties in the past, I feel like everyone must think we're SO nerdy (which is why we probably just need to embrace it; hence our upcoming [as soon as Megan's twins grow up a bit] Jelly Banquet--you are all invited; details will be forthcoming as soon as a date is set), but really for me, all a party needs is some yummy food, modest hilarity of one kind or another, and that's it---it's fun.
We had a "yellow dessert" party a couple weeks ago, which included the following delicious offerings:

The food was yummy, and we invited some of our neighbors, and it was pretty fun, but like I said, we're sort of nerdy and I had the feeling they were thinking, "Well? Is this it?" I think they were used to, I don't know, more exciting parties.

Anyway, my new resolve, strengthened by the sight of that fabulous get-together shown in the top photo, is to a.) just do the kind of
nerdy things we want to do, without regard to Societal Norms, and b.) invite people who will have great, nerdy ideas of their own.

If such an event sounds enticing, this is your cue to invite yourself over. All we need is an excuse, and not really much of one at that, since as I said, I love parties!


  1. Marilyn, tell me you got those pictures online somewhere from a cooking website . . . right? They are PERFECT. It's just not fair. Nothing I make looks good. I mean, it can taste okay, but as Seth always tells me, "it's all in the presentation."

  2. A yellow dessert party? Are you kidding me? I love that. I have long considered myself the queen of the themed parties having hosted an anti-Atkins-carbs-only party, a cheese party, a funny movie clip party, etc. But I've never even considered a yellow dessert party. And I can't wait for the Jelly Banquet. I'm honored to be included in your friends with nerdy ideas category.

  3. your melissamerica friends seems like a treasure. I loved her post about the first line of books. awesome!!!

  4. Beth, you might have met Melissa. She's Jessica's cousin; they were roommates at BYU for awhile. She IS awesome. I think you guys would hit it right off.

  5. Hey, I want in! I want in on awesome yellow dessert parties. I want in on yellow desserts. And I want in on knowing this fabulous Beth person.


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