Hard Work

Friday night found Sam and me engaging in the romantic activity of raking out the dirt in our yard to get it ready for sod. We had a leaf rake and a tiny metal rake, neither of which worked very well at all, especially since our yard is so rocky (a couple different guys from sprinkler companies that came to give us bids said, "Did you have these rocks brought in?"). Only one of us could really work at a time (the leaf rake having been retired in disgrace), and it was taking forever, and finally we had the bright idea of asking if our wonderful neighbors had a spare rake. I love our neighbors. Even though they only moved in about 3 weeks before us, they still brought bread over when we moved in, and they're always coming through when we need them with things like laser levels and sugar and such.

So, naturally, not only did they have another rake, but Mike said "I have two: one is a metal garden rake and one is a landscaper's rake." Landscaper's rake? Never heard of it---but as it turns out, it was exactly what we needed. The raking went SO much faster after that. It was like a wonderful miracle rake from heaven. (Let that be a lesson to you. Use the right tools.)

The next day we got the sod laid. Have you ever laid sod? It is a hard, heavy, hot job, even when you begin at 5:30 a.m. to avoid the heat. But I feel a lovely glow of satisfaction as I look out at our poor, dry, stripy little tract o' land.

I hope it grows!


  1. stripey little tract o' land? I know you've got HUGE tracts o' land, Marilyn.
    I'll have to take a picture of our poor, sad, dirt clod covered yard with sprinkler pipes sticking out everywhere. It'll make your stripey sod look like a lush vegetation paradise.

  2. Aha! Well done. I was hoping my discerning readers would pick up on the Monty Python reference. Hardly huge, though, I'm afraid.


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