Opera, motorcycles, cookies, and whooping cough.

A few unrelated thoughts:

Last night as I got into the car, the guy on KBYU was saying, "That was the ecstatic, yet ironic, finale from Thaïs." Ecstatic, yet ironic? How is that possible? Perhaps if I'd heard it I would know?

When we were shopping for bikes we went to a store called "Rapid Cycles," but when we pulled up and looked in the window, we saw they sold motorcycles, not bikes. I was kind of embarrassed, and glad I hadn't gone in and asked if they had bikes, because I would have felt stupid. But now I'm thinking, why? Why am I the one who has to feel stupid? Shouldn't they feel stupid for naming it Rapid Cycles and making people think they meant bikes?

I am making a batch of cookies from a New York Times article---allegedly the "Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever." Supposedly the secret is letting the dough "ripen" for 36 hours before baking. So I'll bake them up Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Everyone should get your tetanus booster so you don't get whooping cough (the tetanus booster has a whooping cough--pertussis--vaccination with it). Whooping cough isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. Just ask Sam.

I am aware that the correct way to state that previous sentence is, "Everyone should get his or her tetanus booster."

The End.

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  1. Thanks for helping me feel cultured. I love the Méditation from Thais and that description intrigued me; so I read about the finale on wikipedia, and I think that phrase sort-of works for me now.

    I saw that recipe. I simply cannot wait to hear how it turns out.

    Blech on "his and her." I always choose the grammatically incorrect but stylistically preferable option.


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