New Bike

Here is a picture of my new bike. I love it!!! We went together, the whole family, on a bike ride tonight, and it was one of my favorite things we've ever done together. Sam pulled Ky and Sebby in the trailer and Abe rode along with us.

I haven't ridden a bike for years and years, and I was a little bit afraid I'd forgotten how. (I know, I know---one doesn't forget---but I could conceiveably have been the exception to the rule.) Then I had to ride Sam's old mountain bike the other day on an errand, and it was so hard: first of all it was too tall for me, so I kept almost falling over, and then I couldn't get my feet to stay in the toe clips, and then the handlebars were so far away that I was bent right over double, and my neck was killing me from having to crane up and look at the road. And then my bottom hurt like crazy afterwards, from the hard seat. So that wasn't fun, but then for the past several weeks we've been shopping for bikes, and I tried this kind of bike, and it's totally different. SO comfortable, and you get to sit upright, and you can just relax and ride. It's so fun! (Oh, and Sam's cough was better while we were riding, too! Hooray!)

After the boys went to bed Sam and I went out and rode again (coming back every 15 min. or so to make sure the boys were still in their beds, which they were, but playing carwash in them) until it got too dark to see. We could just ride along next to each other and talk. I loved it. I didn't ever want to come home.


  1. Why do you always have the coolest stuff? I'm getting kinda sick of it. Could you post something crappy you have for once? Like a bunion? or a bent bobby pin? something?

  2. Perhaps you would be interested in seeing what Malachi can do when he finds one of Sebby's fwuffballs. It is QUITE a sight.


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