Credit where credit is due

We had a 50-ft soaker hose sitting around in the garage for several weeks. It was for our little garden plot---to replace the drip hose that we put there at first. (Basically, the drip line was spraying out the wrong direction for the plants; we thought the soaker hose would provide more even coverage.)

So, no one wanted to make the switch. (That means: I wanted Sam to do it, and he was waiting for a "more opportune time.") So it sat there for a long time, and then finally one day I just went to the garden with the boys, and put the soaker hose in.

When I told Sam that it was done, he said, "Oh, good," and that was that. But I felt that it deserved more fanfare, so about a week later I said, "You know how I replaced the soaker hose? Well, it was kind of a pain, but I did it, and I thought you'd be super happy about it, but all you said was, 'oh good.'" So then Sam said, "Oh, I was happy about it; I guess I just didn't make it clear enough. Sorry."

Then we sat there for a couple minutes.Then I said, "I was still hoping for more than that. Like maybe, 'Oh, I'm SO happy you did that! Hooray for you! And here's a kiss!"

So Sam did that. And then I was happy.

Moral: If you want credit for something, just ask for it. Then you'll feel better. (I need to do this more, instead of letting things fester.)

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