I am cleaning up the house because my parents (parent, actually. My dad doesn't like to venture out much these days. And now that he's seen our new house once I think he will not feel any urge to come again. He's very rational that way: why come do something you've already done?) and my aunt and uncle are coming over tonight for Orange Juice Pie. Yum!

But I'm not actually cleaning up the house, because it feels so nice and cool here by the computer. Instead, I am thinking about selfishness. Here is why: I made Chocolate-Basil Cake the other night and it was SO good, and today there was one piece left. Sebby saw it earlier in the morning, and asked if he could have some, and I said, "You and Abey and I will share it after lunch." But then what with making the orange juice pie (why does my life revolve so much around food? But mmm, it's so good!) and dealing with all the people who kept coming to give me bids on a sprinkler system installation, the boys went down for nap without remembering the cake.

Here is the bad part: I remembered the cake the whole time. And I was hoping they would forget! And when they did I was happy, and I ate the whole thing myself.I don't think my mom would have ever done a thing like that. (Although if she did, I wouldn't know about it, I suppose.) But I'm not really sorry. It was SO delicious! In fact if there was another piece, I might eat that too.


  1. um that chocolate cake looked so freaking good. please post recipe. or better--please make cake and deposit it on my front porch. thank you.

  2. you're such a basil person. everytime I've tried to grow basil it gives off two teensy leaves and then dies.
    Maybe I need to invite myself over again so we can have grilled pizza with fresh basil, and then in addition to key lime pie you can make this cake.
    I take comfort that you obsess about food and making food and eating food as much as I do. Hooray for yummy food!


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