Living Room

This is the living room area. (In the top picture, I am standing in the part that was supposed to be the dining room) Here we have the problem (which we are still working on) of how to make it seem open and spacious without being too big. We want to have separate areas without closing off either side. Also, we have the problem of blending two styles: when we got married, I inherited a bunch of furniture from my Grandma, and it obviously doesn't fit with our more modern aethestic elsewhere. So we were trying to make it all work together the best we could.
It's still kind of evolving. For this front part, I made additional pillows out of the bottom of the dining room curtains, so that brings in the orange from the other room. And Nana's tables look fine by the piano.

Then Sam did this painting, which is great---I love how it finishes off that big tall wall and adds so much color.

Then the back part has more of Nana's tables and lamps, her round mirror, and her two off-white-ish couches. I put new pillows and an orange blanket over those, to cover up some of the stains and the places where my kids have pulled the buttons out.
Here's a view looking the other direction, towards the front door. At some point maybe we'll get a coffee table or something, but I like it even without.
Here's something kind of funny, though. I liked Nana's furniture when it was in her house, but I never loved it for us (the style just wasn't really my type of thing), but we kept it because it had sentimental value and it saved us from having to buy new stuff. However, I always kind of liked this interesting little tiled table. Then just the other day, we noticed how it just happens to incorporate our exact colors. Turquoise, yellow, and orange. Interesting how styles and colors come back in fashion after a while! (Nana was born in 1905 and died in 2001--I wonder if she would have liked our new house with her cute little table in it?)


  1. Marilyn--

    YOUR HOUSE IS SUPERB! It is _too_ superb, I trust. I can't believe it! I wish I could see it--hopefully I will some day. But I loved all the things that fascinate you that you don't think would fascinate anyone else. Because they made it so much more interesting to read about. I'm so happy for you guys!

  2. holy crap. the house is as good as beth said. when are you coming to decorate my house? and clean it? and cook?


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