I'm oozing into a shapeless puddle of naked longing over . . .

Many of the blogs I read seem to drop into this kind of design-specific vernacular whenever they describe something. It's like their own special language, some of which I do not like. Particularly bothersome phrases include:

  • "eye candy"
  • "I'm swooning over ____"
  • "I'm drooling over ____"
  • "I'm coveting ______"
  • referring to something as "this year's must-have"
  • using a descriptive word from the sense of taste, for something you don't actually taste; e.g., "A yummy set of chairs" or "What a delicious color of pink!"
  • "luscious"
  • "sumptuous"

For some reason all those phrases just sound kind of dirty to me. (Along with the dreaded duo, "nuance" and "tweak") Maybe it's the old Puritan values manifesting themselves in my DNA, but isn't there something kind of, I don't know . . . indecent about swooning, drooling, devouring eye-candy, etc.--in public?

Anyway, for the following, I will contain myself to an austere "This is nice":

Wall aquariums! They're so futuristic-looking! I never knew a fishtank could be so stylish and modern. (From here)

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  1. For some reason this reminds me of my 65-year-old art history teacher, describing a Rubens as "sumptuous" then describing how he'd like to sink his teeth into it and growling, "Rawrr!"


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